Unlocking the Magic of Solar Mobility
Welcome to Aptera, where innovation meets efficiency. You are part of a revolutionary venture that is set to redefine transportation as we know it. While uncertainties may loom in the world, our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional features, uncompromising quality, and unmatched reliability remains our driving force.

Today, we’re reviewing five things you ask us most about — Let’s explore!

Aptera is lightweight, there’s no question about that. At ~2,000lbs, you’re driving the most efficient form of transportation on the planet. Because of this, many understandably wonder whether Aptera will generate lift at speed. With our advanced aerodynamic shape, you will slip through semi-truck turbulence seamlessly, as Aptera maintains its composure without generating lift. At high speeds, the vehicle maintains a negligible amount of lift or downforce, with approximately 25 pounds of downforce at 65MPH.

Solar panels are a critical component of Aptera’s innovative design and sustainably enhanced driving experience. We have meticulously engineered our solar panels to be robust and resilient, capable of withstanding even the most extreme conditions. Each panel consists of multiple cells, and our engineering team has developed a system where, in the unlikely event one cell is shattered or broken, the remaining cells will still generate power. The process of replacing a damaged panel will be similar to a windshield replacement, making it quick and hassle-free.

Aptera is designed to withstand extreme heat conditions, both inside and out. To safeguard against heat damage, our exterior features, an SMC-fiber body, and solar panels will minimize the impact of high temperatures. Additionally, all windows will have UV tint for enhanced protection. Inside the vehicle, Aptera’s construction provides excellent insulation. Coupled with a robust AC and ventilation system, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable interior. The solar power system maintains ambient temperatures while parked, ensuring a refreshing experience when you return, even on blistering summer days. With Aptera, you can confidently leave your vehicle parked outside, knowing that both the exterior and interior are well-protected from the heat of the sun.

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