Combining automotive and solar technology might seem like a cutting-edge concept today, but Aptera believes it should become the norm for a cleaner future. While electric cars are crucial in reducing emissions, the current infrastructure cannot support their growth. Aptera envisions a future where the planet’s health and people’s wallets do not have to be sacrificed.

Until now, no vehicle has been efficient enough for solar power to make a significant difference in daily range. Aptera dared to think outside the box and created a vehicle with a sleek design and an ultra-low drag coefficient of only 0.13, setting it apart from anything else on the road. Aptera’s powertrain, battery, and lightweight carbon fiber body structure further complement its efficient shape.

Efficiency is not only about protecting the environment but also translates into significant cost savings. Aptera is excited to share its savings calculator, a tool that allows potential customers to see how much they could save by switching to a solar-powered Aptera vehicle. With the savings calculator, simply enter the required information and see the potential savings for yourself.

Driving an Aptera, one of the lowest-cost forms of transportation on Earth, provides first-hand benefits. People who are tired of paying for gas or electricity can try out the savings calculator and reserve their Aptera.

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