In this video review of the Aptera EV, the Chris and Quincy discuss the differences between the alpha, beta, and gamma versions of the vehicle. They mention that the gamma version is quieter than the previous versions, and that it has improved stability and handling. They also mention the Yoke steering wheel, which they say allows for more range of movement and feels different from traditional steering wheels. They also discuss the center display, which can be used to control the windows and dome lights, as well as the gear selection.

The reviewers also talk about the leg room in the gamma version of the vehicle, stating that it is significantly larger than in the previous versions and can comfortably accommodate people up to six foot eight inches tall. They also mention that the vehicle feels very familiar and handles like a normal four-wheeled car, despite its unique three-wheeled design. Overall, they seem to have a positive impression of the Aptera EV and its various features.

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